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New clubhouse proposal

Port Sunlight Lawn Tennis Club has teamed up with three other local clubs to plan a new jointly owned and run clubhouse on the triangle of land to the west of Court No 1.

The following is a set of Frequently Asked Questions that give more information about the project.

Which other clubs are involved in the proposal?

A new club-of-clubs has been formed to take the proposals forward. this is called Bromborough Community Sports Club (BCSC). It is a new legal entity combining the membership of four long-standing local clubs (Port Sunlight Cricket Club, Port Sunlight Lawn Tennis Club, Port Sunlight Rugby Club, Heygarth United Football Club).  These clubs draw their members from the whole of the South East of the borough .

What stage of planning has been reached?

The planning application has been approved by WBC. The search for funding for the project will now be taken forward. The main sources appear to us to be the national and regional funding bodies for each of the separate main sports; the SportEngland Fund and Biffaward, If you know of any others please let us know.

Why not try to build our own clubhouse?

It has been apparent for a number of years that the present temporary clubhouse is fast reaching the end of its life. However, no-one has been able to think of any way to raise the money necessary to build our own replacement.

It is understood that there are hundreds of individual sports clubs in the Wirral alone who would like to be able to have their own clubhouse. We have been advised that, given this position all over the country, there is no possibility of us succeeding in any bid for funds to build our own clubhouse from (for example), the National Lottery.

The advice is that to have any chance of success funders will wish to see a new facility which adds to what is already available and is not just a simple replacement to be used by an existing club. In other words we have to show that, by having a new clubhouse which we can use, we will enhance the facilities for other clubs and the wider local community. We have to become an asset to the community and not just look after ourselves.

What if we don’t succeed?

If our bid for a joint clubhouse fails we shall not be worse off than we are anyway. However, at present, no-one has come up with a better idea (unless you know otherwise in which case come forward now and say so!)

How will the interests of PSLTC be protected in the new club so that we cannot be outvoted?

BCSC has a constitution and a Board elected under that constitution from the management committees of the four founder clubs. In that constitution each club has a blocking vote so that no decision can be taken without a majority of the Board members from each of the four individual clubs voting in favour.

Will we, as individuals, have to join the new club?

The four existing clubs will continue as at present to run themselves separately. You will pay subs to PSLTC as at present. As a member of PSLTC you will automatically become a member of BCSC and therefore be entitled to use the new clubhouse.

Will the subs have to increase to cover the costs of running the new building?

The plan is to have a large social area and bar which can be let for outside functions when not in use by the clubs. The business plan will be drawn up to ensure that the income coming into the BCSC clubhouse is in excess of the expenditure on running the building. The new clubhouse will provide a venue for social activities for other clubs and social groups in the area (including disability groups such as the Wirral Autistic Society, with whom we have worked recently.)

What will happen to any income remaining?

The BCSC Committee would decide how to spend that money (and we will have a blocking vote on those decisions, as set out above.)

Because the case we make for funds will, crucially, be based upon widening the support for other amateur sports in the area, the Committee will look to balance the needs of the four clubs for finance and also to look to help develop other minority sports in the area (table tennis and indoor bowls are a couple of obvious examples) by giving them access to the new clubhouse facilities – for a fee.

What will happen to the existing building?

Once the new building is in place we plan to remove the three existing old temporary clubhouses used by Tennis, Cricket and Rugby and to landscape the areas released so as to enhance the quality of the environment on the edge of the Country Park.

What will happen to the existing changing room block lying to the south of our courts?

The WBC owned changing rooms will continue to be used as at present; football teams have told us that they would welcome a new clubhouse adjacent to the existing changing rooms and we would expect to gain bar income from their members and by hiring the social facilities.

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